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  • Bone's Gift

In this supernatural historical mystery, twelve-year-old Bone possesses a Gift that allows her to see the stories in everyday objects. When she receives a note that says her mother's Gift killed her, Bone seeks to unravel the mysteries of her mother's death, the schisms in her family, and the Gifts themselves.

In a southern Virginia coal-mining town in 1942, Bone Phillips has just reached the age when most members of her family discover their Gift. Bone has a Gift that disturbs her; she can sense stories when she touches an object that was important to someone. She sees both sad and happy--the death of a deer in an arrowhead, the pain of a beating in a baseball cap, and the sense of joy in a fiddle. There are also stories woven into her dead mama's butter-yellow sweater--stories Bone yearns for and fears. When Bone receives a note that says her mama's Gift is what killed her, Bone tries to uncover the truth. Could Bone's Gift do the same? Here is a beautifully resonant coming-of-age tale about learning to trust the power of your own story.

Reviews:on Kirkus:

"..Smibert surrounds Bone with a loving, complicated extended family and gives her plot just enough heft for both realism and reader engagement. The coal-field setting is particularly well-drawn, with details such as children at play sliding down a slag heap instead of a snowdrift. Feed-sack dresses aren’t a cliché here, and neither is Smibert’s language, which feels real and down-to-earth, like her characters. “The morning wore on like a sermon on a hot day...An intriguing blend of history and magic..”

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