For Teachers

For teachers, parents, and curious readers, I’ve put together a number of resources related to my books.

(Oh, and I’m available to do talks and/or Skype visits!)

Ghost of Ordinary Objects Series

Lesson plans and activities

  • Book talk  on the series (in Adobe Spark)
  • Appalachian Folklore in Bone’s Gift (written by professor Tina Hanlon of Ferrum University) (Coming soon)
  • Your Family Tree Activity students get to explore Bone’s family and fill out their own family tree. (PDF) 
  • Bone’s Gift – an Appalachian storytelling game. A printable card game that teaches storytelling skills. (Coming soon)
  • (Ghost) Stories of Ordinary Objects Activity – object (photos)  prompts and mini-lesson plan for story writing. (Coming soon)

Books – Appalachian and Other Folktales

The Jack Tales by Richard Chase
  • The Jack Tales and Grandfather Tales by Richard Chase.  Chase collected folktales in Southwest Virginia and western North Carolina in the late 1930s and compiled them into these two books. 
  • Virginia Folk Legends edited by Thomas Barden. These are some of the folktales and stories collected by the Virginia Writers’ Project from 1937-42.  After the WPA workers collected them, the stories sat in storage for decades! Barden collected them into this volume.
  • Virginia: A Guide to the Old Dominion This travel guide was compiled by the writers of the Federal Writers Project. Unlike the folktales, though, this book was published in 1940.
  • Origin of the Milky Way and Other Living Stories of the Cherokee by Barbara Duncan.  She collected Cherokee folklore. The story of Forever Boy comes from this collection, and Duncan has several more. 

Websites – Appalachian Folklore and History

Websites – Coal Mining in SW Virginia

Coal miner’s dinner bucket (also called a lunch pail).

Memento Nora Series


More coming soon. For now, see individual books!